Welcome to Monza - Melbourne's #1 car spa, café & dog wash

Come in and relax in our modern café with great home cooked food and cakes whilst waiting for your vehicle to be expertly cleaned. We specialise in car washing, vacuuming, leather & plastic cleaning, steam cleaning, ceramic coating, headlight restoration and full interior and exterior detailing. The cafe also sells potted plants, hand painted mugs, botanical scents (use in car or home), windscreen wipers (can fit any model) and of course gift vouchers to spend in the car wash and/or cafe.

Regular Services
Monza 2

Body & wheels washed, rinse & dry, tyre shine & door jambs cleaned. Cars from $25; SUVs, Vans, 4WDs from $30- $35, depending on size & vehicle condition. Plus $30 spray polish. Plus $55 for Pad Polish* (Clay bar). Plus $150-170 for Machine Polish* (Clay bar).

Monza 3

Wash, rinse & dry, vacuum, tyre shine, wiping of seats, door jambs, windows and dash. Cars from $40 - $45 or SUV, Van, 4WD $50 - $60, depending on size & vehicle condition.

Monza 4 - Deluxe

Monza 3 plus Armor All from $55* Monza 3 plus Spray Polish from $70* Monza 3 plus Pad Polish & Clay Bar from $90* Monza 3 plus Armor All & Pad Polish from $100* Monza 3 plus Machine Polish – from $190* Monza 3 plus Leather Treatment from $120* *Depending on vehicle size & condition. On request from client, each of the above services includes check on wiper water and air tyre pressure.

Special Services
Interior Detail

From - $180 Depending on size & condition of vehicle. Service includes steam clean floors/mats, carpets vacuumed, clean roof lining, cloth seats steam cleaned, all plastics Armor All, leather seats cleaned and conditioned, windows cleaned.

Exterior Detail

From $200 - Depending on size, colour & condition of vehicle. Services include : body wash, clay bar, machine cut & polish, windows cleaned outside, wheels cleaned and tyre shine.

Further Services

Spray wax from $5 on any other service. Armor all from $15* Leather treatment from $80* - clean and treat leather. Engine Wash from $30* *depending on size and condition of vehicle. Vehicle storage from $5 per day. Steam clean rugs - price according to size & condition. Window Tinting - from $210 by appointment only on Sundays. Steam clean seats - $35 per seat or less per seat for 4 or more.